It’s no secret that more people are buying more products through online auctions, and real estate is no exception. Large numbers of homes are still sold through traditional methods, but for today’s buyer and seller there’s much to like about EXITbay Property Events.

You may be familiar with the scene of a home being auctioned. Or, you may have heard or seen advertising inviting potential buyers to an impersonal hotel function room where large numbers of properties will be sold.

Some buyers prefer this environment; but years of conducted online events have shown that many people prefer to do their buying and selling “at arms distance online”. Let’s look at some of the reasons.


“I bought a house in my underwear”

Yes, we actually heard this from someone who bought a property online. For many buyers, it’s EXITbay’s 'Transparent Negotiation' event that is ultra-convenient, yes transparent and the feeling of being in control that helps people to know they are paying the true market value.

Nothing more, nothing less, but true market value.

With EXITbay Transparent Negotiation and other EXITbay Hybrid events, the event period can lasts a couple hours, days, to a number of weeks, bidding can occur 24 hours a day from any computer, laptop, tablet or mobile telephone with internet connectivity. That means potential buyers can bid with more flexibility blending into their daily schedules.

EXITbay Online Events present a special opportunity for investors and personal buyers who are looking for a true market value property or properties that will be on-going income producing assets. Buyers can start by viewing on EXITbay the numerous options in a location of their choosing. They can consider opportunities instantaneously, many kilometres away, and quickly identify properties that fit their investment and personal needs.

Providing rich information lets buyers assess the value of a property. At EXITbay we allow buyers to easily get information about comparable's and about a home’s proximity to places in the area that matter.

Many homes posted for EXITbay Events sell prior to the event.


There are many advantages to an EXITbay Property Event, but sellers find one aspect particularly appealing, EXITbay Property Events happen relatively quickly.

The old saying “time is money” rings particularly true when an owner has to sell a property.

Here’s where the appeal gets even stronger. Many sellers think they can attract far more bidders / buyers online. After all, EXITbay Property Events can be accessed by anyone in the world.

If the property is priced right, there should be bids; each one higher than the last. Quite different from the traditional sale method where the price is set high, sometimes too high and offers usually start below the asking amount.

If the property doesn’t sell, the owner will learn a lot about how to set the property’s reserve price. This will help the vendor adjust pricing accordingly: 

Think of the EXITbay Property Event as a pricing “beta test”

EXITbay is a vendor, buyer online interactive market place forum that brings vendors together with as many qualified buyers as possible.

Property Buyers: Start your New Day, the New Way with EXITbay by contacting us to find how you can benefit from buying your next property with us.

Property Sellers: To find out how you can have your property sold for it's true value on EXITbay please contact us for assistance.

Transparency in real estate works.