Buyer Benefits

Here is why more and more property buyers are choosing to buy their property with EXITbay.

Transparency the purchase process.

Buyers will only ever pay the true value of a property.

Buyers can be cash unconditional.

Buyers can be subject to finance.

Buyers save substantially in final purchase price compared the traditional property purchase methods.

Buyers can bid once registered and verified on a property 24/7.

Buyers can bid independently or via their EXITbay authorised buyer’s agent.

No over inflation of true property purchase price.

No commissions, mark ups or other seller costs built into property purchase price.

Buyers potential offset tax benefits.

Complete anonymity.

Fixed campaign timeline.

Know exactly how much others bidders are bidding.

Lower legal fees.

No third party interference.

Know exactly how much to bid.

No guess work.

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