Yes, you can wait until the end of the bidding if you want to, but we highly recommend against waiting that long. You could have computer problems, Internet connection delays, etc. We recommend you place a bid at least two hours before the end of bidding, and we strongly encourage the use of BidAssist . We hear cases every week where a bidder waited until the end to place a bid, did not use BidAssist, and lost a property due to not timing the final bids correctly. BidAssist is the best feature on this website to help make sure you do not overpay for a property, and it will also help ensure that you don’t get beat at the end of bidding when you were willing to pay more money to secure a property. is not responsible for bids that do not make it to the site due to a bidder waiting until the last few minutes of bidding. With BidAssist, placing “last minute” bids is not necessary.

The countdown clock on should be considered accurate but not exact. Many processes can affect what actual time a user sees on their screen such as computer processor speeds, internet connection speeds, etc., so please do not wait until the last few minutes of an Event to place a bid. It is highly recommended that if you intend to place a bid, you should do so early to get a feel for the bidding process, and you should also use BidAssist, a feature designed to allow the computer to bid for you at the end so you are assured of getting your bids placed. If you choose to wait until the last few minutes or seconds of the countdown clock to place your bid and your system lags or your bid does not get placed, EXITbay bears no responsibility for re-offering the property or causing your bid to be placed for you. If it is determined that there was a system issue that may have prevented a bid from being placed, EXITbay reserves the right to review all bids and possibly re-open the bidding on a property. This determination will be made on a case by case basis and is at the sole discretion of the EXITbay. The intent of is to always provide a fair, level and transparent bidding environment for our consumer audience.